Tokyo Design KAWAII Pleasure Teardrop


Rechargeable clitoral vibrator. KAWAII Pleasure Teardrop is a body-friendly vibrator with ergonomically designed for the natural curves of a woman. The party trick of the KAWII 1 is that the tip lights up in sync with the vibrations. The LED light glows and dances in time with the vibrations. The strong the vibration, the more intense the light.

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How to use your KAWAII Pleasure Teardrop?
On/off, vibration intensity and Loop mode are all controlled with the interface flower button.
1. Press the flower button to activate your KAWAII 1. When the KAWAII Pleasure Teardrop is turned on it always start at MODE 1. Continue pressing the flower button to cycle through the 6 vibration modes.
2. To turn off your KAWAII Pleasure Teardrop, press and hold the flower button for 2 seconds until KAWAII Pleasure Teardrop is switched off.

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68mm x 22mm

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